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Everybody Got Choices

The denial of Christ is so blatant and in our face. There's a million other ways to choose besides The Way. Let's see, there's our way which is always most popular to us, then, there's the world's way and oh, how important it is to be accepted by the masses, not to mention the various religions that seem to imply that we are serving the same God, and the list goes on. What do we do when choosing His way is not popular? Every Christian faces this inevitable conflict and when these issues arise, we must choose wisely. Nothing about being a Christian is comfortable. Not only does it call us out but it pushes us upward. Once the Truth has been introduced to us, it is then that we must decide whether to continue in ignorance which is death, or choose life. One often time finds themselves smack dab in the middle of who they once were and who they're becoming, unwilling to turn back and intimidated at the thought of going forward.

From the time we wake up, something is begging for our attention; our children, spouses, loved ones, emails, social media, work, to-do lists, etc. We have to choose to put Him first daily not only in prayer and devotion but in the choices we make. Will we join in with that coworker and talk about another coworker, will we give that change back to the cashier who gave us too much, will we open our Bible and read or indulge in more Netflix episodes?

The silver lining is, we don't have to be perfect, we weren't called to be perfect, and we won't be perfect until that glorious day when we see the perfecter! Whew, that took a major load off of my shoulders! I'm perfectly imperfect. God in His oh so loving way knows we will not always get it right and he is so patient with us during the process.

He has already called you the question is will you answer? His way or your way?

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